Voter Fraud Discovered In Alabama’s Senate Election

(Feature photo credit to screen capture of Fox 10 video by Dagger News. Alabama special election, voter fraud.)(Feature photo credit to screen capture of Fox 10 video by Dagger News. Alabama special election, voter fraud.)

Was there voter fraud in the December 12th special election in Alabama? The stunning victory to Doug Jones with a small lead of +1.5% has Moore supporters wondering. As results were pouring in, it was noted that Birmingham and Jefferson counties were not turning out Republican suburban votes.

Was there voter fraud in the special election?

Researching the numbers, it is noted that in the 2016 Trump VS Clinton election there were over one million Republicans who turned out to vote state wide. About 50% less Republicans voters did not vote in the special election state wide. To be exact 1,318,255 (R) vs 729,547 (D). In the special election,  2017 Moore VS Jones. 671,151(R) vs 650,436 (D). The difference is basically, almost 650,000 less Republican voters did not show up to vote.  Or to be exact, – 647,104 (-49.9%) vs 79,111 (-10.8%). Why? Clearly, the democrats would like us to believe it was because they created an effective smear campaign and urban voters did not vote. Some are saying it is because bus loads of people were being shipped in out of State to vote Jones. And felons were being encouraged to vote. Wait until you see the proof in the video below that voter fraud did take place.

Voter fraud admitted on LIVE television.

Fox 10 out of Mobile, Alabama and also covers Baldwin county, caught some of the bussed people celebrating the Jones win on LIVE television. And what this guy said on public television is an unbelievable revelation! He admitted to voter fraud. Watch video below. 

“Because we came here from all different parts of the county as part of our fellowship. And all of us pitched in to vote and canvass together. And we got our boy elected!”

Rules in Alabama to prevent voter fraud. You must:

  • be a citizen of the United States
  • be a resident of Alabama and your county at the time of registration
  • be 18 years old before any election
  • not have been convicted of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the penitentiary (or have had your civil and political rights restored)
  • not currently be declared mentally incompetent through a competency hearing
  • swear or affirm to “support and defend the Constitution of the US and the State of Alabama and further disavow any belief or affiliation with any group which advocates the overthrow of the governments of the US or the State of Alabama by unlawful means and that the information contained herein is true, so help me God”

Can felons vote in Alabama?

“Felons who have been convicted of certain crimes of moral turpitude (CMT) may apply to have voting rights restored after they compete their sentence and pay the applicable fees and fines. However, you cannot have your voting rights restored if you have been convicted of one of the following crimes – rape, murder, treason or a crime involving a child. In this case, you will be permanently barred from voting for the rest of your life.

Specific offenses that are considered to be crimes of moral turpitude (CMT) are:”

  • · Murder
  • · Voluntary manslaughter
  • · Involuntary manslaughter, in some instances
  • · Rape
  • · Spousal abuse
  • · Child Abuse
  • · Incest
  • · Kidnapping
  • · Aggravated assault
  • · Robbery
  • · Animal fighting
  • · Mayhem
  • · Fraud
  • · Conspiracy

Judge Roy Moore has not conceded the election. Moore is depending on the military vote that has not been counted. In Alabama, a difference of .05% triggers an automatic recount. And currently the win is at 1.5%. Moore has said that he will not concede until the Secretary of State, John Merrill certifies the election as late as January 3rd. John Merrill, Secretary of State in Alabama stated,

“We hope we’ll have the same level of participation that we had in the general election in 2016 when we set the standard for the nation with 84 percent of our military men and women casting absentee votes from their deployed locations.”

“After all the ballots are counted and Merrill’s office certifies the vote – if the margin is not close – Roy Moore can request and pay for a recount,” as per WHNT News in Alabama. And Merrill revealed that “a recount would cost somewhere between 1 and 1.5 million dollars. If there’s an automatic recount, the state will front that cost. If Moore requests a recount, the campaign would have to pay for it.”

Do you think it’s over? Drop your thought below and let us know in comments.

(Feature photo credit to screen capture of Fox 10 video by Dagger News. Alabama special election, voter fraud.)

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