Anderson Cooper Lashes Out At Trump & Quickly Goes Into Damage-Control Mode

President Trump graciously congratulated Doug Jones after he defeated Roy Moore in a close, nail-biting contest that kept America up late watching the results as they poured in.

Anderson Cooper, however, appeared to taunt the President soon after Trump’s congratulatory message. Here is the President’s initial tweet that Cooper attacked:

Soon after, Anderson Cooper replied to the President’s tweet, appearing to be taunting Trump and calls him a “tool” and “pathetic loser!” Check it out:

Anderson Cooper Reply Screen Shot. It was later deleted.

Cooper later deleted the tweet and claims his account was hacked! Here is his statement on the matter:

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Cooper really was the one who replied to Trump’s tweet with such hateful words, as he despises our President. Cooper often makes passive cheap shots directed at President Trump, so this is perhaps another one. And he conveniently blames a hacker for it.

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Main Image: AC360