Rush Reveals The SHOCKING Truth About FOX’s AL Poll Showing Moore Losing

Earlier today FOX News revealed a surprising poll that showed Roy Moore (R) down by a whopping 10 points to his opponent Dennis Jones (D) for Alabama’s Senate seat.

FOX’s poll was immensely different from all other polls conducted which show Moore with a clear advantage. Rush Limbaugh wasn’t buying the poll released by FOX, blaming over-sampling of Democrats for the result. Rush said on his radio show, which can also be heard below:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I saw that. And there’s a Fox News poll that has Roy Moore down 10 in the election tomorrow. And of course the Drive-Bys are harping all over that one. It’s Fox News, Fox News, Fox News loves Roy Moore, they think. They are what they accuse Fox News of being. The Drive-Bys are, in what they do, what they accuse Fox of being. Partisan, agenda-driven.

Anyway, if you look at the Fox News poll, there’s a strange thing in it. Donald Trump won Alabama by plus 28. Do you know what the Republican sample was versus the Democrat sample in this Fox poll? Plus two. Alabama is a red state. There are many, many, many more Republicans than there are Democrats, and yet in the Fox News poll, only 2% more Republicans were part of the sample. Well, voters, likely voters, but I don’t care. Voters or likely voters, if you’ve got a state where it’s, let’s just say, 20% more Republicans than Democrats, how do you do a poll with only 2% more Republicans? I have no idea. Actually I do.”

Limbaugh said he is getting tired of the media’s lies and discussed how you can’t trust one word that comes out of their mouth or anything else they present, such as polls in this case.

Here is Rush’s full podcast where he discusses the over-sampling found in FOX’s Alabama poll:

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4 Comments on "Rush Reveals The SHOCKING Truth About FOX’s AL Poll Showing Moore Losing"

  1. Nancy Wallace | December 12, 2017 at 2:33 AM |

    Roy Moore will win as long as there is no funny business with the ballots.

  2. I hope Roy Moore wins!! I believe he will!!!!

  3. Freda McClure | December 12, 2017 at 6:42 PM |

    Roy Moore

  4. Shirley Freeland | December 12, 2017 at 7:18 PM |

    Do we need to boycott Fox News now since they are putting false news out there about Roy Moore?

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