Dana White, Trump Jr. & Hannity Team Up To Do Something INCREDIBLE For Bullied Boy

A young boy was recently captured on video that has since gone viral, in what appears to be him venting to his mother about being bullied at school.

The boy, who has been identified as Keaton Jones, tells his mother of the horrors he experiences while being bullied and gives hope to others who may be living through the same experience. Jones said kids were making fun of his nose, calling him ugly, poured milk on him and threw food at him. He wondered why he was singled out and said it’s “not OK.”  And he told others who are being bullied to “stay strong” and “don’t let it bother you.” You can see the video below.

UFC President, Dana White got his hands on the video, posted it, and also reached out to Jones to invite him and his family to the UFC headquarters. Here is the tweet:

Trump Jr. caught wind of the video and Dana White’s kind gesture and offered Keaton a place to stay if he took White up on his offer. Check it out:

Sean Hannity also found out about the video and sought to do what is right by fixing the situation on his own and offered to fly the child and his family to NYC to be a guest on Hannity and visit FOX News. Here is his statement:

Hannity’s tweet got the exposure needed and soon found out Titans and Vols players are helping Keaton. Hannity asked the public to open a scholarship account, which he said he will make an initial $10,000 deposit if done.

The national attention made by Keaton Jones’s video is sure to shine light on the ongoing issue with bullying which has plagued schools for quite some time, and has led to several teen suicides. Hats off to Hannity, Dana White Trump Jr., and all others involved for doing the right thing for this boy and drawing attention to America’s bullying problem.