Gloria Allred Is Fuming After What Trump Just Said About Her In Front of Thousands Of Supporters

President Donald J. Trump held a rally tonight in a state that was the turning point for him winning the 2016 General election for POTUS. (Full Speech Down Below)

When President Trump won Florida with all 29 of the electoral votes, it was at that moment that Trump supporters began realizing he would win the election. It was also that same moment, that the pro Hillary media began having meltdown on National television. Anyway, to show his appreciation, he held a rally with many people from Florida and Alabama. Many were unable to enter the building! It was a great crowd and President Trump did not disappoint. Americans all needed to hear this speech!

Around 8 p.m. Trump totally got the crowd roaring with why he wants Roy Moore in the Senate! He started with a rip roaring question that caused the crowd to erupt in cheers!

“How many people here are from the GREAT State of Alabama??”

Alabama was definitely being represented! And Penscacola is just miles away from the Alabama border! There are no numbers on how many attended at the moment, but the place was completely packed!(Full Speech Down Below)

Trump continued with “So did you see what happened today?” The crowd cheered again and then Trump asked the big question!

Did you see the yearbook? Gloria Allred -every time  you see her…you know something has gone wrong!

The crowd was cheering so loud after that one! Trump continued, “We cannot afford to lose that seat in Senate. To a liberal democrat who is completely controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. (Followed by very loud boo’s from the crowd.) We can’t do it…his name is JONES and he is their total PUPPET. We need someone in that seat who will vote our [ MAGA agenda]. Then President Trump listed what will be happening to help America back to her former prosperity. He listed:

  • tough on crime
  • strong on border
  • strong on immigration
  • building the wall
  • strong on military
  • continuing the fight for veterans
  • we want great conservative Judges like Gorsuch
  • people who will protect your gun rights
  • great trade deals instead of horrible ones
  • and we want jobs jobs jobs

President Trump then ended the Roy segment with,

“So get out and vote for ROY MOORE.”

The crowd went wild and Trump had Pensacola completely fired up! Trump gives us all a sense of pride and an amazing energy! An incredible rally! After speaking for a while longer, he wrapped up the rally with,

“Our revolution didn’t end on November 8th…it was just the beginning…never give up, never back down and never ever stop dreaming…together we will indeed make America strong again, we will make America proud again, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America safe again, and put it all together and what have we got? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Thank you…God Bless and God Bless America.”

Snow began to fall from the ceiling and the Trump Pence Merry Christmas signs were waving as the crowd erupted in a sense of Patriotic appreciation!

President Trump was speaking honestly and with his heart. WOW. GREAT rally! It ended, with an amazing rendition of “You can’t always get what you want”, by a female choir. Absolutely beautiful! Here is the President’s Full Rally Speech:

Main Image: Lindsey Michelle & Dagger News Compilation