SHOCKER: Dems Approve of Trump Over Pelosi and Here’s Concrete Proof…

You are NOT going to believe this, but data we’ve uncovered reveals that House Democrats may prefer Trump over nutty Nancy Pelosi.

Scroll back in your mind, way back to November 8th 2016. That’s the great day then candidate-Trump became President Elect-Trump. What an awesome day! Not so much, although, for Nancy Pelosi!

Nancy was up for her seat as the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives on November 8th of 2016 also! She had a contender who wanted to oust her. His name was Tim Ryan, a Democrat from Ohio. By the way, all 18 electoral votes went to Donald J Trump in Ohio during the general election for President. Anyway, Tim decided to give Nancy a run for the House Minority Leader position. And the data shows that Ryan ALMOST unseated her!

From an old, archived article, Dagger News unearthed the data on that vote for the Minority Leader position! And this is where it gets fun!

As a quick refresher, the 2017, 115th United States Congress has a total of 435 members. 249 of them are Republicans and 193 are Democrats. (With 2 current dem openings-if you count Conyers who recently retired due to sexual allegations.) Click HERE if you would like to see a current list of all the names of the House Reps in your State.

Both charts courtesy of Wikipedia

115th U.S. House of Representative Charts courtesy of Wikipedia

Back on November 8th 2016, Tim Ryan challenged Nancy Pelosi for her seat as democratic minority leader. Here is the data on that vote. Ryan received 63 votes from his house colleague’s to overthrow Nancy. Although it was not enough to oust her, it certainly was more than Al Green was able to drum up while going for a vote on whether or not to proceed with impeachment on President Trump! Al only got 58 votes (All Democrats) to move forward with the process of impeachment. An overwhelming loss at 364/58.

So the data PROVES that MORE of our Dem House of Representatives would rather see Nancy Pelosi actually removed from her seat as House Minority Leader than they would like to see the forward movement of an impeachment of POTUS Trump.

If you LOVE the punchline with straight up empirical data…then drop a comment below and tell us if this makes you laugh!

Photo Courtesy of Fox News

Photo Courtesy of Fox News

Look at the smile on our POTUS! LOVE it! And just for fun, if you’d like to see Dennis Miller roasting Nancy Pelosi back in 2010, click HERE.

(Feature photo courtesy to GLOBAL PENTORCH – Data)