Judge Moore Rides Into Final Week With Game-Changing Endorsement

Feature photo credit to screen capture and Dagger NewsFeature photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News

Judge Roy Moore, is running for the Alabama Senate seat to replace Jeff Session’s former seat. With less than a week to go, Alabamians will head to the polls on Tuesday, December 12th. And one of the largest Second Amendment supporters in the United States has now stepped up to help Judge Moore win the race in Alabama.

Back in September, the NRA had thrown their support behind Luther Strange, but he lost to Judge Roy Moore. And now, as reported by Brietbart, “the NRA has jumped in with both feet, spending over $50,000 for postcards urging Alabamans not to cast a vote for Jones.

Ashley Balcerzak, “is the money-in-politics reporter for the Center for Responsive Politics’ OpenSecrets Blog. Before joining the Center for Responsive Politics in July 2016, Ashley covered state and local politics at a national level at the Center for Public Integrity.” And she tweeted the Filing FEC #1193142 and discovered the NRA expenditure of the postage on December 5, 2017. Expect to see the postcards in the mail just shortly, Alabama! 

Thank you NRA, for supporting the PRO 2A candidate, Judge Roy Moore, in the Alabama special election.

President Trump tweets in support of Judge Roy Moore in support of the Second Amendment.

President Trump sent a tweet on Nov 26, 2017 saying that Doug Jones would be

“…Bad for our 2nd Amendment,…”

Alabama Senate Seat Poll Update: Judge Roy Moore +2.3 since Dec. 4th

This is a huge and ringing endorsement for Judge Roy Moore to have the NRA throw their support behind him. The Real Clear Politics (RCP) aggregate polling site has Judge Moore UP +2.3% as of December 4th, too. RCP is showing only two polls out of six have the very liberal leftist, Doug Jones, up. Can you guess which ones? Click HERE to find out. Or just keep reading. It’s the Washington Post poll and Gravis!

What is your best guess? Will Judge Roy Moore win the Alabama election? Let us know below in comments!

(Feature photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News)

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