Chelsea Handler Blames Trump for Wildfires And Instantly Gets ROASTED

Feature Image by screen capture. Chelsea HandlerFeature Image by screen capture. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler lives in California, and  went ballistic this morning after waking up to life-threatening wildfires. She could not contain herself, much like the wildfires are un-contained at the moment.

It’s almost unbelievable the way she conflated wildfires and blamed Trump for them! Wait until you see her intentionally uninformed tweet that set off a spark of backlash from Trump supporters and democrats alike. And it’s safe to guess that she lost a few followers on this one. This is what she tweeted.

“Just evacuated my house. It’s like Donald Trump is setting the world on fire. Literally and figuratively. Stay safe everyone. Dark times.”

Read Chelsea’s tweet below:

I guess she missed President Trump’s tweet encouraging “…everyone to heed the advice and orders of local and state officials.”

The best of America respond to Chelsea and let her know…she’s NOT funny.

Now, if Chelsea were following President Trump on Twitter instead of battling him every step of the way, maybe she would not have made such an unknowledgeable tweet! Apparently, Chelsea did not realize it was her own state that caused her to evacuate! Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. However, the Trump supporters and some Democrats fried her on her own tweet. Look at just a few of the early responses.

That Dude Tim said:

 “Jesus Christ. Obsessed with the president much?”

And Josephine gave it to Chelsea straight up. She totally smoked her.

“People are literally losing their homes, friefighters are risking their lives to protect YOU & your 30 cats, & you think now is the time to take a dig at Trump?”

And the kind Pope Blairius tried his best to help her understand that her ability to conflate was NOT funny or appropriate.

“Im sorry for  your troubles, but unless Trump was playing with matches in the woods, this isn’t his fault. Not everything that happens needs to be turned into a anti-trump thing There is enough stuff that is his fault you can talk about , just not this.”

Lastly, Sassy really gave her something to get hot under the collar about! And doused the fire Chelsea tried to start with a BIG bucket of water!

“Is ‘dark time’ really the message you want to send to your followers who are always in a constant state of panic?”

James Woods and Mark Dice also weighed in:

If you are tired of these “comedians” inserting their uneducated perspective on politics, let us know what you think about Chelsea’s latest tweet below in comments!

(Feature Image by screen capture. Chelsea Handler)

3 Comments on "Chelsea Handler Blames Trump for Wildfires And Instantly Gets ROASTED"

  1. debbieterry | December 7, 2017 at 1:02 AM |

    The devil has taken over California. He’s burning out all those evil child molesters and brainless Dems. He’s also taken over California courts, their judicial system and Hollywood and is now eliminating them. So burn baby burn…….hope you all roast……good riddance…..America will be a better place without California.

  2. Greg Harris | December 7, 2017 at 5:55 PM |

    I do my best to try to understand the mental illness that is common among those who self-identify as “liberal” or “progressive” these days. I suspect Chelsea Handler feels Trump’s efforts to undo the damage to our economy done in the name of the farce that is AGW had something to do with these wildfires… but the fact is this is due to weather, not climate change. And even if the AGW farce was true, nothing Trump has done could have had any effect yet other than to signal to business that sanity once again prevails. So there’s really no reason to bring up Trump with respect to these fires, other than perhaps a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and resulting delusional states.

    To all the sane people out there – this condition – dry brush ready to burn combined with low humidity and strong winds – this is NORMAL for California. And while you can look over a cherry picked period and conclude that we’ve never had fires like the ones we’ve been seeing before, if you go back further in time the record fire times were FIVE TIMES worse than anything we’ve experienced, long before human CO2 was even an issue. Fires are a lot LESS SIGNIFICANT now than they were back then. The reason it’s such a big deal now is people are encroaching into areas that probably would have been best left wild. No defensible spaces were left or are possible between the uninhabited lands and the lands where people have their homes, businesses and other structures.

  3. She is a Hollywood whore. Believe nothing she says because it’s all lies to further her career or so she thinks. She really has NO career.

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