Californian Gets Caught in Wildfire & Captures This Eye-Popping Footage

It was mid October when California was last ravaged by wildfire. Now, fast forward to this morning. Imagine being on your way to work in California, and you see THIS wildfire in the distance. You start judging if it is anywhere near your place of work. You begin wondering if your friends and family are safe. Maybe your mind drifts to a scene out of Armageddon. (VIDEO BELOW)

And you hope Nancy Pelosi’s recent reference to Armageddon didn’t give anyone any bright ideas. Sure. She was referencing the tax cut reform bill, but still. Click HERE if you want to hear Pelosi in all of her blazing glory likening the tax cut to Armageddon.  Make no mistake, when you see this footage. There’s no doubt an eerie sense of doom will wash over you.

Watch the wildfire Video Below as A. Mutzabaugh was commuting to work this morning.

A. Mutzabaugh laid down a one word take on what he experienced as he responded to concern.


A few hours later. Californian’s began to react to the wildfire video.

And…then the wildfire “California has jokes” crew came out to play.

This is a serious wildfire, and setting politics aside. President Trump sent a tweet saying the following.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of California’s wildfires. I encourage everyone to heed the advice and orders of local and state officials. THANK YOU to all First Responders for your incredible work.”

Thank you, President Trump, for putting the wildfires, into perspective for us. Here’s a cheers to our LEO’s in the wake of tragedy. Do you know anyone who was caught in this mayhem? If you do, drop a note below in comments. We would like to hear about it.

(Feature photo courtesy of The San Diego Union- California wildfire forces 27,000 to flee, burns 50,000 acres, still no containment.)