BUSTED: Doug Jones Caught Doing A BIG No-No in Alabama

(Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News, Doug Jones and Hillary Clinton)(Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News, Doug Jones and Hillary Clinton)

Doug Jones, is being investigated by Alabama officials for an advertisement that used intimidation tactics. Alabamians do not mess around! And Doug Jones is now being investigated for “voter intimidation“. The video, which can be seen below, was posted by Ryan Saavedra, saying:

“Pro-Doug Jones super PAC used this ad on YouTube: “your vote is public record and your community will know whether or not you helped stop Roy Moore.” Alabama Secretary of State officials said today they’re investigating this ad to see if it broke any laws. Voter Intimidation?”

The ad actually says a bit more than that, too. In a woman’s robotic kind of tone, she says this in the ad:

“If you don’t vote, and Roy Moore – a child predator – wins, could you live with that? Your vote is public record and your community will know whether or not you helped stop Roy Moore.”

Watch the Doug Jones television advertisement below.

This intimidating advertisement definitely caused concern for Alabamians who took to twitter posting the video clip from their television sets and were concerned if it was true or not? They felt intimidated by the advertisement. A soft threat, if you will.

Dale Jackson, was one of the many tweeters. He reassured everyone that who you vote for is not public. 

Advertisements are required to tell you who is funding the ad. Not this one. It says that it is funded by a PAC called “Highway 31 Now ” and gives you the website. When you go the website, it asks for donations for Doug Jones. And states “Highway 31 is a group of Alabamians committed to electing Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate”. Interesting. So who is funding Highway 31 Now? Turns out you won’t know until AFTER the election. Alabamians won’t know until AFTER the election. Illegal? No. Shady as you-know-what? Yes. H/T Brietbart.

As reported by the Daily Beast. “Super PACs are required to disclose their donors, but the group Highway 31 has structured its spending in a way that campaign-finance experts say is almost unprecedented. While legal, it will have the effect of obscuring the group’s benefactors, who will have financed a series of ads over the last two months of the campaign propping up Jones and hammering his Republican opponent, former State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore.”

In an article reported by Brietbart entitled Obama Campaigners Dropped Another $101,000 into Alabama Senate Race from D.C. on Friday, Total Now $2.8 Million discovered the following information. “Highway 31 has filed no comprehensive report with the FEC to show how much it spent during the seven day period between November 23 and November 29, but by comparing the report filed on spending that took place on November 30, and comparing it to the statement of activities for the period between November 6 and November 22, we know that vendors to Highway 31–almost certainly the three Washington, D.C. based consulting firms run by former Obama campaign staffers, spent $829,068 either in support of Doug Jones or in opposition to Roy Moore.”

So – they don’t want to tell us WHO is funding the intimidating advertisement content. But thanks to journalist’s like Michael Patrick Leahy. We know. The leftist’s voter intimidation tactics won’t work. The Alabama people are smart. As evidenced by the current Real Clear Politics aggregate poll number. Judge Roy Moore is up +2.6. RCP is an average of the latest polls by Emerson, CBS News, Washington Post, JMC Analytics and WBRC-TV. Click HERE to see the poll. In previous polls, Judge Roy Moore has clearly made a comeback since the left wing smear tactics began.

If you would like to see Judge Roy Moore win Jeff Session’s former senate seat. Drop a note below and let us know!

(Feature Photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News, Doug Jones and Hillary Clinton)

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  1. This is a lie and also voter intimidation. Jones should be charged. He is so desperate to win that he is willing to do anything even if it is illegal.

  2. I want Roy Moore to win in Alabama. I don’t like Hillary standing next to him. They are both obstructionist. That is why she is there
    Neither is honest

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