Supreme Court Just Gave Trump a HUGE Victory

Image Source: Dagger News - Supreme Court on Travel BanImage Source: Dagger News - Supreme Court on Travel Ban

The Supreme Court of the United States has just issued a MAJOR announcement. They are allowing President Trump’s travel ban on the six Muslim majority countries to go into full effectCNBC broke the news a short while ago.



  • The Supreme Court is allowing President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban on six Muslim-majority nations to go into effect.
  • Two of the nine justices — Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor — dissented.
  • The ban applies to travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

This is GREAT news and a HUGE win for our America First President and the American people! Despite Ginsberg and Sotomayor voting against President Trump’s travel ban, it is good to know the rest of the Court is interested in seeing Americans safe! Click HERE for biographies on our Supreme Court justices and to see who is possibly retiring next!

By June, the Supreme Court plans on putting this circus to rest, and issued a STRONG message to the lower Courts to prevent further shenanigans. Per CNBC, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals located in California and the 4th Circuit, based in Virginia will “be holding arguments on the legality of the ban this week. Both courts are dealing with the issue on an accelerated basis, and the Supreme Court noted it expects those courts to reach decisions “with appropriate dispatch.”

If you are glad that the United States of America is taking the reigns back and deciding who will enter our Country, let us know, in the comments below!

(Image Source: Dagger News – Supreme Court on Travel Ban)