While Pressed About Flynn, Gowdy Said The One Thing That Will CRUSH Anti-Trumpers

Trey Gowdy appeared on Brett Baier and discussed numerous subjects, including the possibility of re-opening Hillary’s email investigation and the recent plea agreement made by General Flynn.

When pressed about Comey’s investigation of Hillary’s emails, Gowdy told Baier, “There is no statute of limitations” preventing the investigation to be reopened. He cited the fact that there are new heads in control who can decide to investigate whatever they wish if they see reason to do so. Gowdy was then asked what he thought about General Flynn’s plea agreement. (Video Below)

When asked what he thought of implications surrounding Flynn’s guilty plea of lying to the FBI, Gowdy had some bad news for Trump/Russia conspiracy theorists. Gowdy said:

When all you’ve got is a false statement to a federal law enforcement officer, you ain’t got much! ….That’s usually the very bottom of the barrel of what you make people plead to.”

Gowdy also stated that Flynn would not be a credible witness in the event of a trial, which means the special counsel likely still has no evidence of wrongdoing by the Trump campaign! Check out the video below and watch Gowdy make statements about Flynn at the 3 minute mark:


So pretty much, all of this hype by mainstream sources (that Flynn has dirt on Trump and will cooperate with Mueller to bring him down) is all BOGUS! This whole case against Trump’s campaign is bogus in and of itself, as it was all based on a Fake Russian Dossier to begin with!

Do you think it’s time to pull the plug on the Trump/Russia investigation that is costing taxpayers millions of unnecessary dollars? Comment your thoughts below and Share Gowdy’s remarks with everyone since it will be suppressed!

Main Image Source: Dagger News