VIRAL VIDEO: Rapper Seeks To Mend America’s Racial Divide In POWERFUL New Video


Rapper Joyner Lucas released a jaw-dropping video titled “I’m Not Racist” yesterday that immediately went viral on various forms of social media and has Americans of all races talking across the internet. Within hours there has already been hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook and YouTube and growing at the speed of light! (Video Below)

Joyner Lucas Facebook Profile Pic

The video starts out with a bearded white man wearing a MAGA hat and mouthing the words of Lucas as he raps to an intermittent beat about what he feels are problems the “white” community has with the “black” community. The white man in the video is seen saying these things out of frustration to a black man who is sitting across from him, eventually walking around the table and slamming it with his fists to get his point across. (Video Below)

The issues rapped about include everything from blacks being on food stamps to comments made by Eminem to common issues raised by Black Lives Matter…repeatedly saying “I’m not racist” in between each of his arguments.

After what appears to be the white man finishing his argument, he gives the black man sitting across a chance to voice his argument about everything he was discussing. The black man across the table begins mouthing his side of the argument to the same issues to an intermittent beat and voice of rapper Joyner Lucas in the background, repeatedly saying “I’m not racist.” He is seen expressing his anger to get his point across and, at one point, knocks the MAGA hat off the white man’s head. (Video Below)

The video ends with the two sides making peace but you have to see it below in its entirety to get the full effect. Here it is:

According to his Wikipedia profile, Joyner Lucas is a 27-year-old inspiring American rapper/song writer from Worcester, Massachusetts and currently signed to Atlantic Records. The profile says Joyner gained national attention when he appeared on the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, being the first artist to be moved from the web platform of the show to the televised syndication.

After watching “I’m Not Racist” comment your initial thoughts below.

Main Photo: YouTube Screen Grab