Teen Vs. Bed Bug Causes Astronomical Amount of Damage In Cincinnati

The Bed Bug Vs. The Teenager

In a cozy apartment bedroom in Northeastern America, a boy does the best he can to kill a bed bug.

He figured dousing the bug in alcohol and then lighting a fire was the best way to get rid of the pesky critter. One thing is certain, it worked. And then some. Look how much damage it caused!

Unfortunately, the thirteen year old not only annihilated the bed bug he also displaced his family and neighbors. And he caused $300,000 worth of damage to his apartment building!

A total of six apartment units were damaged and miracles of miracle, no-one was hurt! Except the bed bug, of course.

The American Red Cross stated it “is working to find housing for three adults and five children whose apartments were damaged” per AP/10TV.

Bed bugs are no laughing matter, and according to Pest World – the last Bugs Without Borders survey found that “the top three places where pest professionals report finding bed bugs are apartments/condominiums (95 percent) and single-family homes (93 percent) and hotels/motels (75 percent). Past surveys have shown these environments to consistently be the top three where bed bugs have been encountered.”

And hey folks, since Bugs Or Us the Bed Bug Pros says not to look for them yourself, it seems this 13 year older from Ohio had no problem locating the critter all by himself. He probably should have called a professional though. Please don’t try the alcohol and match method at home!

Dr. Oz had a segment on Bed bugs. It’s worth the watch. Dr. Oz goes over the fact that “incidences of bed bugs has gone up 500% over the last few years.” Dr.Oz has Mini Miller, PhD, Entolmolgist as a guest and she says “bed bugs are attracted to people!” Watch Video Below:

And just for fun…please enjoy the “Bed Bug Song” by Brownie! Video Below:

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  1. To get rid of bed bugs you need to spray an insecticide with residual effect on all the surfaces where the insect could be present and then use one with flush out effect. You’ll get best result in this way. Repeating the treatment after 5 – 7 days is recommended.

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