Eric Bolling Emerges & Shrewdly Justifies Why Trump Should Accept TIME’s POY Offer

President Trump made another bold move when he turned town TIME Magazine’s offer to crown him as their annual “Person of the Year.” Trump refused TIME’s offer since they said he would ‘PROBABLY‘ be Person of the Year and wouldn’t say for sure until he agreed to a photo shoot and interview. He didn’t think their offer of ‘probably‘ was good enough and he denied the magazine that is often seen taking jabs at him.

Trump supporters embraced the moment …all except for former FOX News Host Eric Bolling, who released a statement explaining why he thought Trump should have accepted the title.

Bolling said in a statement:

“realDonaldTrump Kinda wish you would have agreed to do it.. now Time will justify going with Kaepernick or Manson.. (and then blame you for the backlash). “

Bolling has remained very quiet since being let go by FOX and while coping with the loss of his son, but he often will pipe up during times of controversy as seen with the current Trump/TIME feud.

Bolling’s analysis is interesting as we have seen another leftist magazine (GQ) crown disgraceful former NFL player Colin Kaepernick as their “Citizen of the Year” on a recent cover. We wouldn’t put it past TIME to do the same after seeing some of the garbage they have published over the last year, primarily targeting Trump’s undoing of Obama Administration policies as seen in the tweet below.

Should Trump have accepted TIME’s offer? Comment your thoughts below.