Moments Ago, Trump & Melania Arrived At Coast Guard- Did The Most INCREDIBLE Act Of Gratitude

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While the crooked liberal media insists on bashing our wonderful 45th President and keeping their ‘destroy Trump’ narrative alive, the TRUTH is… President Trump is keeping his promises, getting things accomplished and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! He will go down as the greatest President since Ronald Reagan! (VIDEO BELOW)

Additionally, there’s NO denying his love and appreciation for the military, police officers and first responders who serve our country.

With that being said, President Trump and First Lady Melania took time out of their day on Thanksgiving visiting a coast guard station in Lake Worth, Florida praising the military and spending time with the Florida Coast Guard. The two decided to give back to some of the men and women who worked tirelessly to help others during in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The President and First Lady delivered a lunch of turkey sandwiches, giant muffins, heaping baskets of fruit, chips and cookies to men and women on duty for the holidays, and personally thanked them. This is simply amazing and exactly why Trump is Commander in Chief.

We have to keep you very well fed … so this is good stuff. But it’s an honor,” the President added.


President Trump praised the men and women of the Coast Guard for doing an “incredible job.” He specifically praised the Coast Guard for saving 16,000 lives during rescue operations after hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August.

“You saved 16,000 lives. Nobody knows that … I just want to thank you on behalf of the whole country and on behalf of us,” President Trump said.

Moments later, the President complimented at what “good shape” they were in.

He told the members of the Coast Guard that things are really starting to turn around in America, and talked about the increase in military spending.

“We want to have a country, where I can buy new Coast Guard cutters, and not have to worry about it, alright. And that’s what we’re doing, we’re building up wealth so that we can take care of our protection.” 

“We’re ordering tremendous amounts of new equipment—we’re at 700 billion dollars for the military. And, you know, they were cutting back for years. They just kept cutting, cutting, cutting the military. And you got lean, to put it nicely—it was depleted, was the word. And now it’s changing.” President Trump


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  1. This President is the best. God bless him and his family they boost moral with everything he does. Respect people in the military, a fire man or police makes for a better America. We need to show our love, respect, everyday.

  2. Blessings to our President and family. We have never had a president that respects our service personnel , the law enforcement ,our fire fighters, the rescue staff more than this president. Respect delivered where respect is over due.

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