After Schumer Tried To Politicize Thanksgiving, Huckabee Takes Him To The WOODSHED

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For many of us, the meaning of Thanksgiving usually includes feasting, four-day weekends, floats, friends and family reunions, or a forerunner to Christmas festivities. We gather in unity and humbly reflect upon all the gifts (family, friends, health) that saturate our lives.

However, it’s no surprise when liberals try and ruin holiday traditions. One specifically is Cryin’ Chuck, who decided to try and politicize Thanksgiving, taking aim at Republicans and tweeting a chart from one source showing results from the Senate Fiance Tax Bill.

“Bring this chart to Thanksgiving dinner. It’ll come handy when that family member who always talks politics tells you the Republican tax bill helps the middle class.”

However, Mike Huckabee took notice of Cryin’ Chuck’s deceitful political scheme and shot back with an epic blow:

“Schumer wants ppl to bring a chart so U can lecture your family at Thanksgiving Dinner–WARNING: Bring this to MY house and go home hungry wearing your stupid chart over your red rear end. You’re Welcome! Happy politics-free Thanksgiving!”


Cryin’ Chuck is a LAME DUCK! Huck brought out the paddle and gave him the royal beat down he deserves! Thanksgiving is supposed to be the time to come together in celebration of a common purpose. It is a reconciliation of differences as well as a time of healing. In sharing our victories as well as our struggles, we find strength and hope.

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Cover Image Source: Dagger News

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  1. Awwww… Somebody gave little Chuckie crayons, so he drew a picture. One thing I’m not thankful for is representatives like him. Waste of time.

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