While On Live TV, Reporters Get The Surprise Of Their Lives In WORST Way Possible

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As the race gets closer in Alabama, with less than 3 weeks away, the crooked liberal media is in full force attacking and trying to smear candidate Roy Moore (R-AL) at any and all cost. (VIDEO BELOW)

However, Judge Roy Moore supporters have had enough of the crooked liberal media and political elite’s last-ditch effort to sink and destroy Judge Roy Moore’s campaign.

Sunday, during a live broadcast on very fake news CNN, reporters Nick Valencia and Fredricka Whitfield were discussing the recent organized attacks on Roy Moore, which included three Alabama newspapers urging voters to reject Moore. During the broadcast, a brave patriot stepped up to the plate and can be heard in the background, yelling:

“Fake news, fake news fake news, all of you are conspiring against Roy Moore!” 

Breitbart exposed the three newspapers, all under the Alabama Media Group umbrella, featured the headline at the top of their front pages in block lettering “STAND FOR DECENCY, REJECT ROY MOORE.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Image Source: Breitbart

From Breitbart :  (VIDEO BELOW)

The 1,200-word editorial that accompanied those headlines urged Alabama voters to dismiss what those beyond the state’s borders have to say about the race.

Alabamians have never cared about what the rest of country thinks of them. And we do not expect all the hand wringing from national pundits, conservative or liberal, to make much of a difference. This election isn’t about what a late-night comedian may think of Alabama or whether Sean Hannity can sell advertisements; it’s not about Saturday Night Live or Mitch McConnell. It’s not about Breitbart or National Democrats. It is about the moral values of the people of Alabama.

Do not make your voting decision based on who it will affect on a national stage. Vote based on who it will affect in your hometown.

The editorial then warned electing Moore would send “the worst kind of message” on the issue of abuse.

A vote for Roy Moore sends the worst kind of message to Alabamians struggling with abuse: “if you ever do tell your story, Alabama won’t believe you.” Or, worse, we’ll believe you but we just won’t care.

To be clear: it’s not only his record on women and children that disqualifies Moore. If we vote for Roy Moore, Alabama will also show that we don’t care about you if you’re gay or Muslim or Catholic. If you’re an atheist or an immigrant. We’ll show each other that we only care about Roy Moore’s definition of Alabama. And that there’s not room for the rest of us.

It went on to urge readers to vote for Democrat Doug Jones in the race.

**This is what Roy Moore supporters are up against, along with mainstream media and voters have had ENOUGH! (VIDEO BELOW)


Additionally, AL.com endorsed Democrat Doug Jones.

Do you agree that the mainstream media and political elites are conspiring against Judge Roy Moore? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Source: Dagger News

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