Roy Moore Walked into Church on Sunday, And Was Blessed With The Most Amazing Gift

Senate hopeful Roy Moore (Rep-AL) had a rough week after more women accused him  of sexual misconduct. The most detailed accusation came when Gloria Allred held at a press conference with accuser Beverely Nelson.

The pair of women provided evidence in the form of a yearbook signature as evidence of Roy Moore’s sexual misconduct. Ever since, however, Moore has pressed Allred for the yearbook to be released for more examination as shown in the following statement:

The question remains, are the Alabama people buying the allegations by made by the plethora of women who have come forward? It didn’t appear so on Sunday when Roy Moore walked in to Church. Check this out:

What a pleasant surprise for Roy Moore and a great show of love by the people of Alabama!

It looks like Roy Moore fighting back against the allegations is working. We saw the same thing happen to President Trump when he was running in 2016. Gloria Allred represented accusers, Trump fought back, and they appeared to vanish as soon as he became elected.

Could this be the same thing we are witnessing now? One big smear campaign against a Republican based on false information? We shall see in coming days, but by the looks of it today, it will take a lot more than allegations to cause Roy Moore’s supporters to fall off.

Feature Photo: REUTERS / Marvin Gentry / File Photo