After a SHOUTING MATCH In Senate, WATCH The Hammer Drop

Gloves came off during a finance committee hearing on Wednesday, as Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio and Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah went head to head in an intense, heated discussion on tax reform.

It all started when Senator Brown was making his case that lowering business taxes will not higher wages. Brown looked at Senator Hatch and accused Republicans of only trying to benefit big business, saying, the “whole thing about higher wages, well, it’s a good selling point. Just spare us the bank shot, spare us the sarcasm, and the satire.”

This comment set Senator Hatch off, as Hatch replied sternly:

I come from the poor people, and I’ve been here working my whole stinking career for people who don’t have a chance, and I really resent anybody saying I’m just doing it for the rich. Give me a break!

Senator Brown interrupted, saying he gets “sick of the richest people in this country getting richer and richer and richer.”

Senator Hatch couldn’t take it anymore! So he grabbed the gavel and pounded it quickly over and over until he had Brown’s full attention!

Senator Hatch replied that he comes from a middle class family and insisted that Senator Bris  not to “spew that stuff” on him. He then SLAMMED Brown and his colleagues by stating, “This bull crap that you guys throw out there really gets old after a while.” Senator Brown did not know how to handle it after that point, and Hatch finished him off without a peep! Watch it all unfold below:

What was witnessed between Senators Brown and Hatch is likely foreshadowing what is to come as the Senate is set to begin duking out the tax reform bill passed by the House within the next few weeks.

Between Brown and Hatch, who do you think made the better point on tax reform? Let us know in the comment section below!