Jimmy Kimmel Bashes Trump for Drinking Water

Jimmy Kimmel can’t seem to want to help his ratings by bashing his President! In his monologue he spent a full three minutes misrepresenting the President’s Tweets and mocking him for drinking Fiji water.

President Trump was announcing that Japan has made an 8 billion dollar investment into America creating 17,000 jobs. And all Kimmel can think about is water. Kimmel said in his monologue, “Who drinks water like that? The subject is bringing jobs back to America.” Kimmel continued, “He’s drinking a bottle of water from Fiji. It’s Fiji water. He’s not even drinking American water during a speech about American…I think that does a very good job of summing the man up right there.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Rewind. What? Kimmel doesn’t know Fiji is an American company? Fiji water – by the way – Mr. KImmel –  is bottled here in the United States and their Corporate offices are located in California. As noted by Bloomberg:  “The company was founded in 1993 and is based in Los Angeles, California”.

As Kimmel tore apart Trump tweets he was for the most part incorrect of his assessments on those also. If you want news, don’t watch Kimmel. If you are interested in watching Kimmel’s monologue it’s below and the video of President Trumps actual speech is also below along with his twitter page to sign up if you have not already.

President Trump’s speech after returning from Asia below:

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(Feature photo by screen capture and Dagger News)