History Made! House Passes GOP Tax Reform Plan!

(Feature image courtesy of Dagger News) (Feature image courtesy of Dagger News) 

The House passes it’s version of tax reform plan moments ago ! With the vote 227 to 205.

President Trump was on Capitol Hill briefly and the LA Times reported this:

“I love you. Go vote!” Trump told House Republicans, according to those who attended the private meeting.”

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan said on Capitol Hill moments ago via Fox News:

“This is nothing short of extraordinary! Getting 227 members to agree on something this complicated. This country has not rewritten it’s tax code since 1986. I want to thank the President and his administration.”

Next, the bill will go to the Senate! Call your senators and tell them you want them to pass the tax reform plan!

Contact your senators by clicking here.

(Feature Photo credit to Dagger News)