Sessions Looked the House Judiciary Committee Straight in the Eyes & Shattered Everyone’s Speculation

(Feature photo credit to screen capture by Dagger News)


Attorney Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Oversight Committee today. The Democrats and Republicans took turns questioning him. AG Jeff Sessions was questioned on a wide variety of topics including the Russia collusion – this is what he said:

I’ve always told the truth‘ (about the Russian collusion)

He was also asked about Voter Id Law. This is what he said:

“The Supreme Court has passed Voter ID Laws”


Darrel Issa (R-CA) made an introduction statement saying that he had never met a Russian nor does he speak Russian. Sessions, with great humor, responded in a great way! He basically said, you better be careful about saying you have never met with a Russian because they will say you are dishonest, like what they are doing to me. Sessions was conveying that he had a meeting with a Russian back in 2016 and it was barely recalled and now it is as if he is being hanged for it. Sessions mentioned that he had met with about 25 ambassadors that same year.

Sessions stands by his previous testimony in Congress regarding Russian collusion. The Democrats, early on, in this questioning, went on a fishing expedition to try and find out if Sessions is doing a Uranium One investigation. As they now know, that Sessions has NOT recused himself from the U1. And there has been recent leaks that a special counsel may be appointed.

It appears that Sessions is comfortable and handling himself well even though he is getting grilled by both sides equally. Sessions is cool as cucumber. This is the fourth time he has been questioned on the Russia Trump collusion.

(Feature photo: Screen capture by Dagger News)