Roy Moore’s Chances Look Grim, As The RNC and NRSC Deliver Him Dual Blows

Things have went from bad to worse for Roy Moore, following allegations by five women that accused him of sexual misconduct back when they were minors.

The Hill just reported that The Republican National Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) both have cut fundraising ties with Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore. The FEC filing made Tuesday clearly show RNC and NRSC are no longer listed with other fundraising groups for Roy Moore, per the report.

“Judge Roy Moore for US Senate” and the Alabama Republican Party are the only 2 parties funding Moore’s campaign. This is terrible news and a huge blow for Moore as he will now miss out on huge contributions. Per The Hill:

A donor could have given up to $521,200 per year to the joint fundraising committee when it included both the RNC and NRSC. Now that they have pulled out, a donor can only give a max of $12,700 per year to the committee.

The move sends Roy Moore a clear signal that the RNC wants him to step aside amid the allegations, likely cause they feel it’s a huge distraction from a very crucial race to keep a Republican Senate. Do you agree with the latest move by the RNC and NRSC? Let us know below!