Julian Assange TROLLS The Atlantic’s Report With A Hilarious Mockery

The recent report by The Atlantic confirmed what many had already suspected, which is someone from the Trump Camp at one point during the run for the White House had some form of communication with WikiLeaks. Sure, it raised some eyebrows when The Atlantic proved this notion after showing Trump Jr. just-so-happened to be the guy, however, transcripts reveal it was just another big, fat NOTHING BURGER!

While the mainstream news tried to twist the latest findings in whatever way they could, Julian Assange sat back and laughed at the whirlwind. And, in calculated fashion, Assange fired off a mocking statement that left the web in tears!

Assange said:

Dear Donald J. Trump Jr, our offer of being ambassador to the US still stands. I could open a hotel style embassy in DC with luxury immunity suites for whistleblowers. The public will get a turbo-charged flow of intel about the latest CIA plots to undermine democracy. DM me.

Here’s the tweet:

Assange has been holed up inside Ecuador’s embassy in London since 2012, so his comment definitely had a sarcastic connotation related to that.

The media has surprisingly been rather silent about the matter after Donald Trump Jr. revealed all documents related to communications with WikiLeaks soon after The Atlantic’s report in a bold show of transparency. The full report can be found HERE.

After the latest reports of the communication between WikiLeaks and Trump Jr., do you think there were any wrongdoings? Comment your thoughts below and Share Assange’s mockery of the transcript release.