NOKO Defector Shot Escaping Into SOKO

(Feature Photo Screen capture by Dagger News)

In the DMZ area of the Korean peninsula – where South Korea and North Korea are face to face. About a thousand people a day try to defect into South Korea. But rarely in the Pan’gung-ni area, as reported by Greg Palkot of Fox News. Greg reported today that a North Korean man tried to run across the DMZ and was shot. VIDEO BELOW Greg reported:

“South Korean officials heard gun shots – saw the man laying flat on the ground in a pool of blood about 150 yards away from North Korea – they dragged him out of range and he is a hospital now.”

And an interesting twist too – there was another defector from South Korea trying to get into North Korea! And he was an American! This is what Greg reported on that unusual situation:

“At another stretch of the DMZ an unnamed 58 year old man form Louisiana tried to make a break from South Korea into North Korea –  he said for ‘political reasons’. He didn’t get too far in the immediate security area next to DMZ. He is now being held by South Korean officials.”

The DMZ area is where North and South Korea meet. This is a map that shows four tunnels and where the demilitarization lines are located. Video Below.

Map credit to By Rishabh Tatiraju – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Watch the video here for full interview:


Why an American would want to go to North Korea – home of Kim Jung-un’s regime is curious. Especially for “political reasons”. Drop a comment below as to why you think he would do that.

(Feature photo by screen capture/Dagger News)