The BIG Win For Republicans That Everyone Except for MSM Is Talking About…

In a small town in Connecticut called Middletown, with a population of about 46 thousand, two young Republican gentlemen, barely in their 20’s won two seats in their town. Meet Ed Ford Jr (R). and Tyrell Brown (R).

The two young boys, who met in school, “… playing two hand touch football,” said Ford, referring to Brown as reported by the local station News 8 WTHN and by High School had both developed a passion for politics. They were the President and Vice President of their High School student government. They are now, both Juniors in College. As reported by WTHN in an interview this is what the two young Republicans had to say about their wins!:

“Ford won a seat on the Middletown School Board, the same district where he attended public schools.  “When the results came in I was absolutely euphoric,” he remarked.”

“Brown was elected to the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission.  “When I found out I won I said okay, time to get to work.”


Watch the interview below:

What makes this pair unique? They are possibly the youngest two to ever be elected to an office. And running as Republicans, they are in a deeply blue State with all 7 electoral college votes going to the Democratic Party in the 2016 Presidential election. And with barely 12% of the population in Connecticut being black. They still won.

Checking in with Wayne Dupree of the Wayne Dupree Show by Right Side Broadcasting Network- Wayne has this to say about these two political super stars and the black community:

“The Republican Party has a rich heritage when it came to helping to free the slaves from decades of Democrat-led plantations and auction blocks.  Liberals have worked over the years to hide their sinful past by rewriting history and changing the narrative through our educational system which includes television shows and movies. These two young gentleman from the north are unique and something about the platform of the Republican Party resonated with their core and convictions as it has done to many black Americans over the past few years that started an exodus from the Democrat party.  Nobody can take that away from them not even Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama. The media hasn’t covered this because they are still in the history rewriting phase. If the black community would learn to research both sides to make an informed decision, I believe things would be so different. The party platforms are night and day as the Republican platform reminds what we were taught as kids. What gives me hope are these two young men. The Republican leadership is bad, really bad. They do not fight back against Democrats as they compromise too quickly giving up their advantage to be loved by the media. As for me, I want to share this everywhere because it’s a great story. This news doesn’t happen regularly within the black community, but because it did, it definitely can happen more often. I am very proud of these two, and I admire their fight and spirit. I pray they stay true to their convictions and do not get caught up on Twitter or Facebook groups. That can be deadly.”

Photo compliments of Wayne Dupree public website

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(Feature photo by screen capture and Dagger News)