After Nurse Wishes Death Upon Sarah Sanders, Mike Huckabee Makes Her Regret It!

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Judy Cole, MSN, RN, is a clinical assistant professor who teaches at the University of Memphis, in Memphis, TN, and a maternal/newborn practicum. She has also taught at Methodist Hospital School of Nursing and Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Judy Cole, a woman who is in the medical field, who takes care of lives, chose to put in her two cents sending out a distasteful tweet trashing Press Secretary Sarah Huckbee Sanders, later backtracking her mistake by deleting or hiding her twitter account, after much backlash. (See Below)

Judy Cole’s tweet read: “If she froze to death, she wouldn’t be missed.”

Her tweet was referring to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Mike Huckabee, Sarah’s father, caught wind and shot back at Judy saying, “Woman teaches nursing at @uofmemphis and wishes my daughter would die. I feel sorry for someone so hateful and vicious. Poor woman makes Nurse Ratched look like Mother Teresa! How angry and bitter is a person who says that? Sad for your students and for you. (See Below)

For those who don’t know, nurse Ratched is a fictional character and the main antagonist of Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, as well as the 1975 film. A cold, heartless tyrant, Nurse Ratched has become the stereotype of the nurse as a battleaxe.

Here are the tweets captured before Judy Cole deleted or hid her account:


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*The twitterverse responded to Mike Huckabee in Sarah Huckabee’s defense overwhelming as well. Here are just a few below: 

*Do you think Judy Cole was out of line and the University of Memphis should take action to remove her based on her profession and wishing death upon another human being? Let us know in the comments below, and share to expose.

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31 Comments on "After Nurse Wishes Death Upon Sarah Sanders, Mike Huckabee Makes Her Regret It!"

  1. My father was a grade school principal. His mantra was ” Truth is the only way. It never gets you in trouble and coveys exactly how you feel about whatever the conversation is about!”

  2. Timothy Porter | November 12, 2017 at 8:02 PM |


  3. Marilyn Paller | November 12, 2017 at 8:41 PM |

    I am an R.N. who is embarrassed & appalled that Judy Cole is a part of our profession. What a hateful, small-minded person to speak in that manner about someone who doesn’t share her political views. I certainly wouldn’t want Judy Cole near me or any of my family. In fact, she should not be teaching Nursing students nor should she be employed anywhere in the Nursing profession.. Absolutely disgraceful.

  4. patricia stine | November 12, 2017 at 8:43 PM |

    Judy Coles remarks represent the left proceeding, with the mantra, violence against anyone who does not think like them is acceptable. This woman lacks the integrity and common sense, to work and teach, in the health field. Her employer takes on responsibility for future actions, perpetrated by her, if they continue to allow her employment.

  5. As an RN I am saddened that this woman is teaching future nurses. A field which should teach compassion, caring, And professionalism. She should be removed from this position.

  6. What a dispicable person Judy Cole is! Would you want her as your or any of your family’s Nurse? Would you want her teaching your son or daughter? Certainly not. I have never heard of such a evil Nurse. I have always thought of Nurses as Angels of Mercery. That is true of all the ones that I have had any dealings with. What happened to this one? I would not want her near me. The School really has a liability with this Teacher – Nurse! So sad.

  7. Pamela J Slone | November 12, 2017 at 9:57 PM |

    Yes this Judy Cole is out of line. Why isn’t the Secret Service knocking at her door and arresting her. Sarah is a wonderful person and a Fantastic Press Secretary. Get that teacher she is so sad.

  8. You can tell she is a far left and probably lesbian imbescile, and you wonder why our country is so screwed up?? It isn’t because OF DONALD TRUMP, it is the insane, despicable left who are so butt hurt that their queenie rigged the election and still got slaughtered. And they don’t even know what they are, just look down and you might be able to figure it out. These people are evil, viscious, disgusting, pathetic losers and to think they teach the future kids of our country.

  9. Judy Cole is a disgrace to her profession and the University of Memphis should fire her. Thank God, my granddaughter isn’t applying to that college.

  10. As a Registered Nurse for 41 yrs, I am appalled by the vicious statement. To think she teaches students is very troubling. I am surprised any institution of learning would align with such a mean spirited woman. She should be be fired.

  11. Letitia Makowski | November 13, 2017 at 8:29 AM |

    FIRE HER!!!

  12. Judy Cole. Where and what state does she work in so we can make them aware of a person who teaches healing and life just wished death on the Press secretary for the President. She needs to be fired.

  13. Shirley Preston | November 13, 2017 at 10:15 AM |

    This horrible person needs to be fired.

  14. I am a retired nurse, but reading her tweets is awful. She is an angry, despicable!e woman that has let her political views destroy her nursing vows. She should be removed from her job, because she no longer cares for manknd. I am horrified that she even worked in patient care and I just can imagine how she treated her patient’s. I wouldn’t let her near an animal, must less my family member. May God help her.

  15. She needs to be reported to the Nursing Board of her State for her license to be revoked for such behavior on the oath for nursing immediately. Mr. Huckabee please do it,report her she is a fake nurse.

  16. A nurse an evil human being. Her license should be revoked
    She is a disgrace to humanity and the nursing profession. I wonder if the Board Of Nursing has been notified of her vile behavior

  17. I am a disabled RN did nursing for 30 years. But nurses must report this to the Nursing Board of her state immediately.This nurse is not a good example how a nurse carries herself for the student nurses she teaches.

  18. Evie Koteskey, M. Edu., M. S. N. | November 13, 2017 at 11:45 AM |

    As a Nursing Professor for over 42 years, I feel offended by the remark. Nurses are all about compassion. Perhaps she should not be in this role. Embarrassing to our profession.

  19. She didn’t wish death upon anyone. She said she wouldn’t be missed if she died. Distasteful, but nothing worse than what half of you have said about her! Look in the mirror before you judge others.

  20. I’m glad you support Ms Cole and I’m really glad you recognize what she said for the truth it was!

  21. Attorney General, lol? What crime was committed? She said she wouldn’t be missed if she died. Would you miss her?

  22. Isn’t that what you’re doing to her? Calling her names because she said something bad about someone who shares your political views. Worse – someone you don’t even know!

  23. I don’t understand what the violence was in her statement. “If she froze to death, she wouldn’t be missed.” That’s not violent, it’s not even wishing violence.

    This is the problem with such one-sided forums

  24. Why isn’t the Secret Service knocking at her door? Because she didn’t threaten or promote violence. She said she wouldn’t be missed if she died.

    You really think she’s a fantastic press secretary? She insults journalists and rolls her eyes at questions that are asked about things in the news – you know, journalists doing their jobs. I’d almost prefer Sean Spicer back instead of this one.

  25. Where do you work Paula? I suspect they may want to know that you either aren’t bright enough to read one sentence and understand it or that you twist the words of people you disagree with to threaten their employment. Either way, it’s not a good sign of an employee and they should know about it.

  26. I love when people insult other people’s intelligence and use words incorrectly and misspell words! Always cracks me up!

    You can tell she’s far left? How are you able to tell that? I don’t like Sanders and I’m a real Republican. I’m not a lesbian, either. The problem with the Trumpists is that they tend to insult others who disagree with them. Unfortunate.

  27. It doesn’t appear that she named her employer. Huckabee did, so it doesn’t appear that she represented her employer. I don’t know what they do in Stephens City, but in the rest of the world, people don’t get fired for speaking the truth.

  28. This woman is a rotten hateful person….shame on her …she is a professional?????? What professional
    Dog catcher, heartless creep!!!!! You must be an ugly nasty stupid ignorant idiot!!!!! No way you are a nurse. ????

  29. It shows a total lack of compassion by Ms. Coles remarks, which I believe to be a requisite for her profession.

  30. Rosemarie, now why is it OK for you to say such things about her? Because you’re uneducated and not a professional? That’s not a good enough excuse. If you are upset at what she said about another, you probably shouldn’t stoop even lower to retaliate. Maybe you should be fired. Do you even have a job?

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