Fans Ready to Send Unifying Message to NFL with a Protest of Their Own

Veterans Day weekend could mean some serious bad news for the NFL, as an organized boycott is set to take place Sunday.

A rapidly growing Facebook page with over 240,000 fans, called “Boycott the NFL,” has for days asked for fans to tune in to anything other than NFL games on their TV’s and avoid going to any of the games so players have to “play in empty stadiums.” The boycott is set to take place Sunday, November 12. We have their latest post below.

“Boycott The NFL” asked fans to boycott games as long as “millionaire football players” protest the national anthem. Here is their latest post:

This is bad news for Roger Goodell, as his do-nothing approach has cause ratings and favorability to flop to dismal numbers. And the ratings could drop considerably more, if the 240k+ Fans of Boycott the NFL follow through on top of the large number of restaurants who refuse to play the latest game, per our previous article HERE.

Will you be turning off games today due to continued player National Anthem protests? Comment your response below and share this to get the word out!

(Main Image Source: USA Today)