WOE! Screamers Go Wild To Protest Trump’s 1-year

On January 20th, President Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. After that announcement this somewhat famous video went viral among the social media crowd.

This caused a “Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election” event to be organized and in NYC, Jesse Watters of Fox News Channel, reported that “there were more media than screamers” in attendance. Thousands across America however joined in the event on the Facebook event invite. Click here to see the invite.

Jesse Watters decided to go check it out in NYC and here are few of the more interesting “man on the street” interviews below. See the video for live coverage. Warning! There is strong language with Screamer Three. And it was all taken in jest. Watch the video below.

Watters: Do you think screaming into the sky makes your side look good?

Screamer 1: I think screaming into the sky makes our side look fun!

Watters: Fun-nee?

Screamer 2: Extended Long Pitched Piercing Scream lol

Watters: How do you feel now?

Screamer 2: Hoarse

Screamer 3: Man Screams Loudly lol

Watters: Feel better?

Screamer 3: Somewhat

Watters: Do you want a pacifer?

Screamer 3: Go F*ck yourself lol

Watters: Laughs lol

Watch the video below:

Buzz Feed News attended also and here is a full 45 minute clip, if your ears can take it!

Jesse was “Fox and Friends” and he shared some of his experience with them. Dana Perino asked him, “Did they know you are from Fox?” and Watters said:

“No. I introduced myself, some of them ran in the opposite direction. There were about 30. There were more media than screamers.”

Does this make you laugh? If it does, drop a comment below and let us know! lol