Mike and Karen Pence Woke Up Saturday and Did A Selfless Act For Our Vets

Vice President Mike Pence loves our military just like how our President does. And with it being Veterans Day, he wanted to do something special to honor the fallen soldiers.

Mike and Karen Pence decided to pay a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and what they decided to do while there was spectacular. See the video below:

Mike and Karen Pence met with volunteers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and cleaned the wall to make it look even more beautiful. When he arrived he said, “Good morning all. Great of you all to be here. Happy Veterans Day.” He got down and dirty, with a bucket and rag and hand and shined it clean. He then thanked the volunteers for all they do for our Vets. Take a look:

President Trump then delivered a speech of his own and posted it on Twitter. Here is the President’s speech:

It’s breath of fresh air to have leadership that, unlike former President Obama, goes out of their way to tha k the military for all of their sacrificed.

If you support our Vets, leave a message for them below. Have a blessed weekend!

Main image Credit: Youtube ScreenGrab