Revealing Video Surfaces of Las Vegas Shooting

Photo from screen capture

Never-before-seen footage was released tonight that has been “blacked out” and not asked for by the investigative team.

Catherine Lombardo, Attorney for the Vegas victims was on Tucker Calson Tonight show. She said that there has been a black out of information from the investigative team to her. She brought along with her film from a local businessman named Mike, who brought her the newly revealed footage and the Investigative team has not seen it nor have they asked for it.

Take a look for yourselves:

Although the date is incorrect, the businessman says it is because the date was incorrectly set and was never fixed. There is no doubt that the film was of that tragic night as it shows “concert goers escaping into a parking lot.”, Tucker said. Tucker also said this “… never before seen new footage shows chaos during the shooting and starts at 10:06 p.m.”

Tucker also mentions that “law enforcement had not yet asked to see this footage from the business owner Mike.”

Attorney Catherine Lombardo says she has been collecting data from the victims she represents. And that she has several client’s “who want answers”. She is asking that people bring the information forward to her.

Tucker and Ms. Lombardo (who happens to have the same last name as Sheriff Joe Lombardo although there is no known connection) then discussed if MGM was cooperating. Tucker asked “Is MGM still managing the story line?” After complimenting Tucker’s terminology, Ms. Lombardo responded that “They have heard nothing from them – MGM was served but no word – no apologies – although MGM corporate did meet with them because the Judge ordered them to. And next week they will be going to the Suite and they are cooperating with the Judge orders.”