Sheriff Clarke Shines Light on Secret That Dems Are Trying to Keep Hidden

The latest uproar over “allegations” surrounding Roy Moore have gotten so out of hand that it’s almost entertaining to see play out.

In recent weeks, Dossier bombshells have dropped, Donna Brazile has thrown her own party under the bus and a current serving Senator is facing a real trial for charges of bribery. Yet the Left and establishment figureheads (ie. Mitt Romney and John Kasich) have completely ignored all revelations and, instead, are harping on rumors, published by Liberal news outlets. Such rumors are about a candidate for Senate that they have absolutely zero proof about. Hypocrisy? Sheriff Clarke thinks so!

Sheriff Clarke came out with one of his BIGGEST Truth Bombs yet regarding the hypocrisy of the Left, saying, “Pardon me folks, I must have missed the long list of prominent Democrats who called on Senator Menendez to step aside and resign after being not just accused but criminally CHARGED with political corruption If someone has that list, please direct me to it.” Here is the tweet:

Clarke cited an article featuring Mitt Romney calling on Moore to step aside. Romney is also the same RINO who called for President Trump to step aside and look what happened there.

In the case of Senator Menendez, we have a real crime that was possibly committed with real charges and a Senator that is facing a real court of law. Yet, there is mere silence from his allies. The question for Mitt Romney, John Kasich and the Left is “Why the hypocrisy and lack of uproar for Bob Menendez, yet pure disgust with rumors about Moore?”

Could it be that they are scared of the implications of having one more Trump supporter on the Senate? Think about it.