Melania Stood Atop The Great Wall, Looked at the Camera & Said the Most Humbling Thing

Image Source: Dagger News

As President Trump embarks on his historic Asian trip abroad, his longest foreign trip to date, and the LONGEST TRIP to Asia by an American President in more than a QUARTER CENTURY, he continues his pursue to strengthen relations in the Indo-Pacific region and promoting economic security. (VIDEO BELOW)

On Friday, President Trump flew to Vietnam to speak at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, (APEC) where he echoed the ‘America First’ concept, and additionally pushing leaders to practice nationalism by putting their countries first.


However, First Lady Melania Trump stayed behind in China making a stop at the Beijing Zoo and the Great Wall of China in Mutianyu.

First Lady Melania climbed the Great Wall of China, on Friday morning with Chinese hosts, reporters and photographers.

During her walk, a reporter from CNN caught up with her asking a few questions.

“How are you feeling one year into this role as First Lady?” CNN asked.

The First Lady responded with two words that will makes every American PROUD!

“Well, it’s MY HONOR to be a First Lady of the United States!” First Lady Melania Trump


“It was a very busy year, and we love to live in Washington. It’s a very busy life and very exciting, as well. And, I’m looking forward to working on behalf of the children,” she continued.

CNN then asked her about any frustrations she has had so far.

“It’s a very exciting life and it’s a lot of things that you need to take care of, a lot of responsibilities. But, it’s just part of being a First Lady,” she added.

We are honored to have Melania Trump as our beloved First Lady. Such elegance, grace, beauty, and class, whom has returned it back to the White House! She is an honest and sincere First Lady handling the media with such grace, poise and class. She is amazing and represents the United States profoundly well!  


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