Macron Defies President Trump With A Low Blow

(Feature Photo credit to screen captures and Dagger News)

President Macron of France decided to weigh in on President Trump. In a Time Magazine piece, on Thursday, Nov 7th the youngest French world leader said this about President Trump’s tweeting habits when asked “President Trump speaks a lot about fake news on his Twitter account. Do you follow him?”: 

“I have to confess something which could perhaps appear very sane from your point of view. I don’t tweet myself. And I don’t follow myself. Because it’s not compatible with the kind of distance you need to govern and to preside. To be president, you need some distance from events, from the permanent flows of news and reactions. I have to confess I’ve heard of some news about Mr. Trump’s Twitter account, but I don’t follow and I don’t tweet myself.”

Macron was then asked:

You don’t get on Twitter every day to see what he’s tweeting?

“Not every day. No. When you look at Twitter, when you look at reactions of people, you get something from the reality and from the perception of your people and people all around the place. But I think that when you are in the situation to decide on your own and when you have the responsibility of lot of big policies and a lot of people, you cannot react permanently on this kind of media or on any media. You need time, you need distance, you need to cross-check information, to think about what you should react to or not.”

Macron sounds like he is a little bit entitled and lives in an ivory tower. A President who is transparent and cares about what the American people think and wants to communicate without the filter of the media is a good place for him to be. Amd maybe Macron is a bit hypocritical. Macron tweeted just today and this is what HE had to say translated to English:

“We must accept our common past and create unbreakable bonds to write our common future.”

Maybe Macron is trying to build his 2.2 million followers into something like President Trump’s 42.4 million followers afterall. Do you think Macron’s flowery romantic language would ever allow him to build his twitter account to something substantial?

(Feature Photo credit to screen captures and Dagger News)