Mike Huckabee Discusses How His Daughter, Sarah Sanders, Is Handling Her Job As Press Secretary

Mike Huckabee was caught by a reporter on his way out of an airport. Huckabee was interviewed about how he felt his daughter, Sarah Sanders, was doing at handling her job as Press Secretary in President Trump’s administration.

When pressed about Sanders by the TMZ reporter, Huckabee said, “She’s doing good, she’s tough…does what she’s supposed to do…She’s not a punching bag.” Huckabee was referring to how she handles the harshness of the media at times during her press conferences.

He concluded with “The President thinks she’s doing great that’s what matters.”
Here’s the interview:

Not much of a surprise that Huckabee feels this way about his daughter, but many Trump supporters would probably agree with him that Sarah Sanders is doing a fine job…it can’t be an easy job and it takes someone tough like Sarah to stand up for our President who’s constantly attacked.

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