Donna Faced Tucker And Continued Her Shaming Of Hillary & The DNC

(Feature Photo from screen capture and Dagger News)

If you missed the Tucker Carlson Tonight show last night…you missed a great one as his guest was Donna Brazile! Yes. She was there to promote her book called HACKS. And Tucker, with laser like focus, zeroed in on the subject of the DNC hacking during the election. And then peppered her with several surprises. (Video Down Below) Tucker collected all the Democrats that have been bad mouthing Donna and played them for her and asked her to respond! Tucker started out by saying:

“And the one thing I noticed is that the attacks on you all sound the same….it seems obvious that there was coordination, that someone is doing oppo on you in response to your book.”

Donna responded by saying she wanted to do a “forensic examination of why we lost the election.” And Tucker complimented her by saying that “seems like a wise and obvious thing to do.” Tucker then whipped out several unexpected surprises for Donna! He first, whipped out a statement saying that instead of listening to her analysis, that the DNC are “attacking” Donna and “impuning” her “motives”. “The DNC almost every member of it…is accusing you of buying Russian fueled propaganda.”, Tucker said. Donna herself actually laughed at that one. (Video Down Below)

Later in the show, Tucker continued showing her clips of DNC staffers bashing her for the release of her book. The first clip was of Robby Mook saying, in part, “the allegations she’s making simply are not true.” Donna responded with: “I’m the 3rd of 9 children and the one thing my parents taught us was to stand up, fight for ourselves, pray, and get up the next day..I know how things operate – to suggest that I don’t know what I am talking about is – I’m not focused on what Robby is saying.”

Tucker’s next surprise for Donna was Richard Goodstein. Tucker started by saying, “A Hillary Clinton supporter had this to say about you on this show- and he played a clip of Richard saying, “I don’t know if Donna Brazile is a kook or just kooky“. Donna responded by saying, “My mother when I was a little kid growing up, my mother used to say ‘It’s not what they call you it’s what you answer to’.” (Video Down Below)

Donna Brazile, interim DNC chair after Debbie Wasserman Shultz stepped down, was asked by Tucker, in the most revealing question of all…Tucker said, “Let me ask you about the Russians hacking the servers in the DNC.” He wanted to know  why the DNC did not give the servers over to the Government FBI if they were truly hacked by Russians instead of handing them over to a vendor. Donna claimed that she didn’t know why the FBI did not get the DNC servers and then asked why would we hold on to our servers? And Tucker said, “I don’t know that’s why I was asking you – but not enough to get your servers” referring to why the DNC servers were never handed over. Tucker also covered Hillary’s health and the handing over the debate questions during the election. Watch the video below for the full segment:


And in case you doubted Donna has been making the rounds with talk show hosts simply to sell her books. This is pinned to her Twitter Account:

What do you think Donna’s motive is for releasing the book? Drop a line below and let us know.

(Feature Photo from screen capture and Dagger News)