Trump Said Something in South Korea That Would Make Ronald Reagan Very Proud

Seoul, South Korea – The Korean people welcomed our President and First Lady, as the speech by President Trump was very well received, and echoed some of that of former President Ronald Reagan. A Korean official started with:

“Our two countries have worked together – President Trump, our deepest thanks to you.”

He then introduced Mrs. Trump and said “who is beautiful and wise” and he then asked Melania to stand so they could give her a warm welcome.

Photo credit to screen capture of speech in Seoul, Korea

Soon after Speaker Chung introduced the “President of United States Donald Trump,”  President Trump accoladed South Korea and let them know the U.S. is fully prepared to handle North Korea. Trump started listing off all of the weaponry and military equipment that is surrounding North Korea, including nuclear submarines. Then President Trump said it…something that falls in line with the great former President Ronald Reagan. He said:


Ronald Reagan was a strong advocate of  the “Peace Through Strength” concept while President back in the 80’s. President Trump has often been compared to former President Reagan ever since he announced his candidacy.

Reagan Pushed The “Peace Through Strength Concept” in the 80’s (

The best quotes from President Trump’s speech are below:

  • The U.S. Women’s Open was held in a Trump golf course in New Jersey. And a Korean woman won, Sung Hyun Park.
  • The 23rd Winter Olympic Games will be held in Seoul, Korea.
  • He then spoke about the North Korean lack of human right’s –  a half Korean and Chinese baby was killed because it was not acceptable
  • This is a tale of one people but two Korea’s
  • To attempt to flee North Korea is a crime punishable by death
  • North Korea forbids almost all contact with the outside world
  • North Korea is a country ruled as a cult
  • North Korea seeks conflict to distract from the total failure at home
  • Do not underestimate us and do not try us
  • This is a very different administration than the United States has had in the past
  • America does not seek conflict or confrontation but we will never run for it
  • I have come to this peninsula to give a message to North Korea…the weapons you are making are not making you stronger…they are  putting you in greater peril
  • The time for excuses is over,  now is the time for strength

He ended with God Bless You and God Bless the Korean people. To watch the speech in full see the video below:


A very well received speech overall. And most likely, the most important one on this 12 day Asia tour. President Trump and First Lady Melania will be going to China on the next leg.

Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump Shaking Hands (Source: Unknown)2

-Author, Nick Freedom contributed to this article.

(Feature photo credit to screen capture and Dagger News)


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  1. Anybody who had any doubts about this great president after watching Pat’s speech if they still have doubts they are nothing but pure evil plain and simple

  2. When Pres. Trump met Pres. Reagan at a political party in the 1980’s, he shook his hand and talked to him for awhile. When Pres. Trump walked away, Pres. Reagan told someone close to him: “I just had the strangest feeling, that I was just talking to a future President of the United States”.

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