CA Governor Jerry Brown Says Brainwashing Is The Final Solution

Well, well well. Governor Jerry Brown (CA-D) is at the Vatican. He jetted over and totally blew about a gallon of fossil fuel per second to get there. And since it takes about 9 hours to get there, that would be about 32 thousand gallons of jet fuel. Or 62 thousand gallons round trip. While at the Vatican, Jerry was pushing for climate control. This is the hilarious comment he made as reported by The Sacramento Bee:

“At the highest circles, people still don’t get it,” he said. “It’s not just a light rinse” that’s required. “We need a total, I might say ‘brain washing.’ “We need to wash our brains out and see a very different kind of world.”

 Brown then went on and “challenged the world’s religious leaders to further engage as he minimized the negative effects of President Donald Trump on meeting the climate-change challenge.”
Watch the video below of Brown at the Vatican as he takes the Trump fight to the Vatican:

 At least Brown acknowledges that you have to be brainwashed in order to accept the fake climate control argument. And climate control isn’t the only thing the California Governor is confused about! Just for fun please enjoy this meme!

Photo credit to The People’s Cube image Jerry Brown declares Sharia law in Caliphornia