BOOM! James Woods UNLOADS on Joy Reid’s Lame Gun Grab Statement

The left was quick to politicize the Texas church massacre this weekend. And little known Joy Reid , obvious leftist on MSNBC, was quick to attack the NRA.

On Sunday around noon – just moments after the shooter attacked church goers from behind Reid said, “The NRA is soaked and bathed in blood. How do it’s adherents sleep at night?” James Woods wasn’t having it.

Here is Joy Reid’s Tweet and James Woods’ response:

And James Woods replied to Reid’s ridiculous statement and said:

“With a Beretta on the nightstand in case yet another #Democrat decides to go on a rampage.”

Way to go James! His tweet reply garnered more retweets and likes than Joy’s insensitive instinct to go political. And the Democrats are suppose to be the ones with a heart?

Who would you rather have by your side if an attack occurred? James Woods or defenseless Joy Reid? Drop a comment below and let us know.

(Feature Photo credit to Guns ‘n’ Freedom