Actor’s Joke About Christians Killed In Texas Comes Straight From HELL

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Michael L McKean – who is best known for a feature role in Laverne and Shirley as Lenny Kosnowski and his role in Spinal Tap as David St. Hubbins – also played a role in Star Trek – the Voyager Clown.

Photo Credit to Star Trek screen capture

Well, that may be the best fitting role for the horribly insensitive tweet he made about the deaths at the Texas Church this weekend…a REAL clown! Look what he said!

As reported by the Daily Wire this is what the Star Trek Voyager Clown said:

“Responding to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s request that people give the victims in Texas their “prayers right now,” McKean wrote: “They were in church. They had the prayers shot right out of them. Maybe try something else.”

Speaker Ryan made an appeal to the American people and McKean clearly hated the idea. See the tweets below.

Christianity is clearly under attack from the atheists and it’s insensitive to those who have lost a loved one. “Everyone needs assistance. The question is, what will you lean on? Christianity provides what atheism or other religions never can: spiritual fulfillment, peace, and forgiveness.” from the Christianity Today.

If you believe Michael McKean was quick on the draw to downgrade Christianity, please leave a comment below.

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9 Comments on "Actor’s Joke About Christians Killed In Texas Comes Straight From HELL"

  1. Nita Lee Bartlett | November 6, 2017 at 9:57 PM |

    That is the most sick thing I have ever heard! He is beyond ignorant !!!! OMG I can’t believe he said those words!!!

  2. Teresa Osborne | November 7, 2017 at 6:02 AM |

    mckeon you’re a DICK! Good thing your spot in hell is awaiting your arrival!!!

  3. Krith Dingman | November 7, 2017 at 7:38 AM |

    You are a heartless asshole. How dare you make light of a tragedy like this. Burn in hell you asshole…

  4. Vickie Penna | November 7, 2017 at 8:57 AM |

    He is disgusting. He will burn forever and ever in hell.

  5. What he said was insensitive and inappropriate but people who believe this shit actually happened are kind of dull.
    This was a HOMELAND SECURITY EMERGENGY & EVALUATION (HSEEP) drill/training exercise much like MOUT (MILITARY OPERATIONS on URBAN TERRAIN) training. A mock scenario created to train individuals (military and enforcers) how to deal with emergency situations.
    Unfortunately, it is a shame that the FAKE NEWS mediums, even FOX and this website, are reporting that this event happened, when it never took place, nor have they done the first iota of investigative journalism and source work verification for veracity of truth.

  6. Sorry but he wont burn in Gehenna, hell fire, for eternity. Your priests, pastors, and deacons have created falsehoods and are liars. At the very least, they are deveived besides the fact that they are more than likely servants of BAAL/Ha-STN(Satan/Lucifer). And the Texas Church Shootings, like the NYC Truck Incident and VEGAS shootings, never happened. If someone, somehow did get shot in Vegas it was from the ground and not the 32nd floor…This guy they are portraying as the VEGAS Shooter did not do anything exczpt play alot of golf. The alleged neighbors are liars also.

  7. really aaron fake news

  8. boycotted another idiot on my list

  9. JoyAnn Self | November 7, 2017 at 6:52 PM |

    I pray for him . It took a strong hate to utter those devastating words. I pray he never has to face such as frightening , heartbreaking situation as a victim or a mourner. I pray God forgives his foolish words. It surely could not be worth the brief attention his hate has earned him.

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