Patriotic Millennial DESTROYS Liberal Teacher In A Classroom Showdown

This student absolutely decimated his teacher with hard facts. Please watch the video in full to completely take in the notion that our teachers are now teaching propaganda. This young man deserves an “A” for sticking to his guns, so to speak, his knowledge…was right on target. Below are excerpts from the conversation partially transcribed:

Student: Ok but you do know the rate of cops killing blacks is phenomenally lower – blacks kill blacks at a higher rate. You’re more likely to die by another black person than a cop. And a lot of times they are justified.

Teacher: No…you’re wrong. And you are clearly a radical.

Student: No…I am not very radical. I am centralist right.

Teacher: The narrative you want to push is that we shouldn’t to talk about oppression.

Student: No. That is not what I mean. You are perpetuating the same narrative that the media wants.

Teacher: Your statistics are stupid. Where do you get your statistics from?

Student: The FBI.

Teacher: …seeded on white supremacy…

Student: …Oh my God…white supremacy …seriously?

Watch the FULL Video below: 

Turns out the student was absolutely correct. Check of the FBI link here. QZ has an article explaining the charts: “Another way to look at these numbers is to take deaths as a share of the victims’ population (based on 2014 population estimates from the US Census bureau). That’s a measure of the risk to any person of dying at the hands of each ethnic group. Here again, whites are at far higher risk of being killed by other whites than by blacks. It does, however, underscore that a black person runs a far higher risk of being killed by another black person than for any other combination.”

Photo Credit: FBI Statistics

When did teachers become propaganda perpetuators and stop teaching actual facts? It seems this round of teachers have been brainwashed against FACTS. Click here for the FBI charts proving that the student had his facts straight.



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  1. Barbara Wall | November 5, 2017 at 4:11 PM |

    notice how none of them want to let him say anything…badgering ….never shut their mouth to listen to anything that doesn’t fit their agenda!

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