Neighbor Saw What The Murderer Did & Made A Split-Second Heroic Act

Mass shootings are never something we want to deal with as a Nation. From Columbine, CO to Sutherland, Tx. It is a National tragedy. Our prayers lifted to all of the fallen and the victim’s family.

The gun grabs will soon start from the hard left. And as for Texas, thank goodness Texas Law mirrors Federal Law. And thank goodness for the neighbor who was carrying and willing to fire upon his neighbor after seeing what an incredibly heinous crime Devin Kelley had just committed allegedly.

As reported by KSAT ABC News in San Antonio, Texas “A woman says her boyfriend witnessed the end of the church shooting in Sutherland Springs and, with the help of a neighbor, gave chase to a person they suspected was the shooter. Summer Caddel said her boyfriend, Johnnie Langendorff, called her moments after the shooting at First Baptist Church and told her that he saw a gunfight between the shooter and a neighbor, who was returning fire.

Langendorff then told Caddel the suspect — identified at Devin Kelley — then got into an SUV and drove away, and the two gave chase. While on the phone with 911, Langendorff told his girlfriend the chase came to an end near a sharp curve near country roads 307 and 539. Caddel understood that to mean the Kelley crashed. Moments later law enforcement officers arrived, she said. She also said she has not spoken to her boyfriend in hours and that his phone was taken as evidence.”

Sutherland, Texas – emergency vehicles arrive

As for now, as the city of Sutherland heals from this tremendous tragedy…let’s send our prayers.