Trump Stepped Off AF1 In Japan & Was Greeted With The Most AMAZING Thing

President Trump stepped off of Air Force One at Yokota Air Base, and arrived in Japan…there were thousands of troops and Japanese people lined up to greet and welcome him to their country! This is amazing! The military and Japanese people LOVE President Trump! Look at all the people! Full Video Below!

(Credit: screen grab and Dagger News)

(Credit: Screen capture and Dagger News)
Full Video Below!

President Trump and First Lady Melania went to greet the U.S. Troops. As President Trump was about to speak. He was given a  jacket by one of the U.S. Troops. President Trump promptly changed jackets so he could wear the one they gave him! He then spoke to the U.S. Troops in Japan! He said:

“Japan is a treasured partner and a crucial partner. Americans have deep respect for the people of Japan…On behalf of the United States of America I send the warmest wishes of the American people to this remarkable country!”

Here is the full video of President Trump’s Speech:

Some of President Trump’s best quotes:

“Free nations must be strong nations.”

“Every time I look at that flag I will think about men and women like you.”

“You are the reason the flag stands behind me wherever I go.”

“No regime, no dictator should underestimate American resolve.”

“We will never yield, never waver and never falter in defense of our freedom,”

President Trump ended with: “God Bless You, God Bless the Military and God Bless the United States of America”. President Trump and Melania then shook alot of hands and had a few photographs taken with the troops. Great speech! Very powerful, very well delivered and very well received.

Afterwards, President Trump boarded one of the three Marine One’s. This was to throw off anyone who wanted to do something nefarious to our President.  It is 11:00 in the morning in Japan right now and he is headed to golf with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and professional player Hideki Matsuyama at Kasumigaseki Country Club. Then later the Bilateral meetings with Mr Abe.

(Feature Photo Credit to screen capture and Dagger News)