Police Scatter Antifa Like Cockroaches

(Feature Photo credit to Photograph by Alex Milan Tracy / Sipa via AP)

This is, in part, from a story written by Daniel Penny entitled An Intimate History of Antifa. “On October 4, 1936, tens of thousands of Zionists, Socialists, Irish dockworkers, Communists, anarchists, and various outraged residents of London’s East End gathered to prevent Oswald Mosley and his British Union of Fascists from marching through their neighborhood. This clash would eventually be known as the Battle of Cable Street: protesters formed a blockade and beat back some three thousand Fascist Black Shirts and six thousand police officers. To stop the march, the protesters exploded homemade bombs, threw marbles at the feet of police horses, and turned over a burning lorry. They rained down a fusillade of projectiles on the marchers and the police attempting to protect them: rocks, brickbats, shaken-up lemonade bottles, and the contents of chamber pots. Mosley and his men were forced to retreat.” For more please click here.

A few days ago, Antifa protesters staged events across the country to try and gain control of the White House. Today, Nov 4th is suppose to be the big coup day. Please excuse the coarse language of this video. The Police do an excellent job of scattering the protesters like cockroaches. Enjoy! WARNING: Strong Language

Bill Mitchell, radio host of Your Voice America, says it so well!

“So just to be clear – #Anitfa uses REAL violence and fascism to protest NON-EXISTENT violence and fascism? I give you the modern left.”

3 Comments on "Police Scatter Antifa Like Cockroaches"


  2. I consider antifa & black lives matters only

    disgusting coward terrorist

    every moment of everyday

    and that’s my US take on these disgusting

    terrorist groups

    kill’em all immediately
    Amen & Amen!!!

  3. Katy Carroll | November 5, 2017 at 1:46 AM |

    If the behavior and actions are so wrong that you need to hide behind a facial mask or cover, then yes I agree they are acting in a terrorist fashion. They should be stopped from doing violent deeds. Absolutelty no injuring other people, animals, or property that doesn’t personally belong to them.

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