Pelosi and Warren Respond To Hillary Clinton About Implosion Of DNC

(Feature Photo image credit to Communities Digital)

Nancy Pelosi is backpedaling and distancing herself from the DNC and Hillary Clinton after Donna Brazile’s bombshell of a book entitled “HACKS” let the public know that Hillary Clinton stole the primary candidacy away from Bernie.

Nancy was asked by a reporter while on Capitol Hill at the Rayburn House Office Building:

“Were you directly involved and where you a fundraiser?”

Listen as Nancy tries to distance herself away from any of the DNC rigging scandal and she tries to pivot to the next election instead of answering the question:

“Look. I have responsibility for what I have responsibility for. I don’t have any interest in what I don’t have any responsibility for when it comes to other campaigns. I don’t have a spare second to be thinking about comments that went on within the DNC.”


Jake Tapper on CNN questions Elizabeth Warren, point blank and he asked her:

“Do you agree with the notion that it was rigged?”

And Warren’s one word response was a resounding:


Watch the video below to see how Warren is taking big steps to move away from Clinton:

Pelosi is distancing and Warren went full out against the Clinton machine. Interesting. All because Donna wanted to sell some books. Recall that Donna Brazile was most famous for passing the debate questions to Hillary prior to the second presidential general debate. Why is she now exposing the controversy over rigging of the primary? One thing is clear, the DNC is imploding and they are all walking away from Hillary Clinton. This brings up the recent history of Barrack Hussein Obama when he repeatedly slammed the then candidate Trump for suggesting that elections are rigged. Watch below at just one of Barracks shaming episodes of candidate Trump:

President Trump was right again. And once again, Barrack Obama was wrong and exposed. Time always has a way of exposing the truth. Please drop a comment below and let us know what you’re thinking about all of this new information.

(Feature Photo image credit to Communities Digital)