Japan Making YUGE Preparations For Trump’s Arrival

(Feature Photo by screen grab and Dagger News)

After President Trump leaves from Hawaii on the 5th, he will be whisked to Tokyo, Japan on Air Force One along with our beautiful First Lady, Melania Trump.

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe, was recently re-elected and is the longest standing Prime Minister since the war. Abe Shinzo and President Trump have been equally minded in taking care of the North Korea threat since Kim Jong-un has fired two missles over Japan. The last one was in September which flew over northern Japan and landed in the Pacific ocean. In February, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo visited the White House in February and for a full transcript of their discussion please click here.

It is obvious that the world leaders have great respect for one another and will work together in a united front to squash “rocket man”. “The U.S. president told Abe, “he is looking forward to his visit to Japan, that Japan and America are 100 percent together and there is no room to doubt the Japan-U.S. alliance,” Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasutoshi Nishimura told reporters Monday. “They agreed to deepen their discussions on the North Korean situation and other matters.”

Meanwhile, as President Trump prepares for his arrival in Japan, it is obvious that the Japanese are also preparing for his arrival in an historic fashion! For the first time ever, an all female team of security detail will be looking out for our First Lady, Melania Trump! Another first for Japan is they will have the largest ever amount of officers on duty for his arrival. The Japanese have scheduled 10,000 officers at the ready to guarantee the safety of our President and First Lady.  

(Feature Photo credit to ABC News
PHOTO: An all-woman police squad trained ahead of a presidential visit by President)

As per Time, “Japan is taking a number of precautions ahead of Trump’s visit, removing trash cans from subway stations and prohibiting people from using lockers to prevent anyone from hiding bombs. “While we understand these measures may cause inconvenience to passengers, I hope they kindly accept that [increased security] is an all-Japan effort,” Tokyo Metro spokesman Motoki Yoshida said.”

It appears, President Trump’s international skills are excellent and his work to keep the American people safe as well as the Japanese people safe is evident, and the Japanese are kindly returning the thoughtfulness.

(Feature Photo by screen grab and Dagger News)