Sen. Warren Makes STUNNING Admission, CNN’s Tapper Nearly Speechless

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) surprised all CNN viewers, including host Jake Tapper on Thursday by what she just admitted about Hillary Clinton.

Tapper was questioning Warren about the latest revelations that came from Donna Brazile’s new book, where she admits she found evidence that the Clinton Campaign fixed the election against Bernie Sanders. During her interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Warren was asked if she believed the Democratic primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton and she immediately replied “Yes,” and said the allegations are a “real problem.” The full video can be seen below.

This is becoming a big problem for Hillary Clinton as this appears to be yet another scandal she is connected to, following the connection to the fake Russian Dossier. And one of her biggest allies during the 2016 election, Elizabeth Warren, doesn’t have her back. That means many others in the Democratic Party will likely follow suit, setting up grim days for Hillary as she will have to defend against the new allegations.
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  1. Barbara Wall | November 3, 2017 at 6:12 PM |

    rats are jumping the clinton sinking ship….the next thing we’ll hear is that they moved to some foreign country that doesn’t extradite….

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