Op-Ed: As Nov 4th Approaches A SHOUT OUT To Millennial Antifa

(Feature photo courtesy of The Daily Liberator I The Psychology of Antifa)

Millennials love Communism, so they think. A little recent history about a Wall may wash some of the soap out of their craniums.

After WW2, Germany was divided into East and West. Communism set up camp in the East, Freedom, in the West. The Communist built a wall that was finished in 1961. The Berlin Wall was designed to imprison the East Germans. It was meant to keep people in, not out.

I don’t recall any Germans dying to become Communists, but many people died to be free. East German soldiers would shoot to kill anyone trying to escape to the West.

But an unexpected problem arose with the East Germans who managed to escape to freedom. Many of the refugees began to demand that the West assimilate to the ways of the East, even protesting in the streets for Communistic laws.

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No, of course they didn’t, they were too grateful.

Building a wall to keep innocent people in is evil. Building a wall to control immigration, and for assimilation, is what a wise nation must do.

There is a difference between Freedom and Communism. It’s incredibly sad that the point must even be made. – Op Ed credit to LG Bani. LG Bani is a writer and published author, he is an expert on the original copies of Washington Irving’s 1848 biography of Columbus and 1892’s John Fiske on the Discovery of America.

(Feature photo courtesy of The Daily Liberator I
The Psychology of Antifa

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