Master P Forced to Explain Why He Met With Tomi Lahren

Master P got a lot of heat from his fans after interviewing with Tomi Lahren, who is an antagonist of a lot of liberal ideologies he supports. Master P was on “Fox News Insider” to discuss some of the many issues in recent news, including anthem kneeling and President Trump. (Video down below)

Master P told TMZ that people need to quit freaking out over it and that it was “an interview that needed to be done.” Master P agreed with the notion Tomi may appear to be an enemy to people who follow him and seems to always talk “hostile” about situations involving Black Lives Matter and such, but thinks they needed to have a conversation about their disagreements.

Master P admits that he doesn’t have a problem with Tomi and said “She never did me anything,” and that their discussion was to help bring peace and love … not war.

Here is Master P’s interview with TMZ:

Conversations like that of Master P and Tomi Lahren probably need yo happen more often yo help heal the divide that stands in America. Perhaps Master P has a point that talking to one another can possibly help bring more peace with one another.

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